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Perko, the P in VMMGP, enjoys living in the beautiful, Pittsburgh, PA suburb of Upper St. Clair, which was founded back in 1788. He views the fall season as the preface to Halloween. >Secret Message: Be there tomorrow, at 8:13, behind the tilt-a-whirl< Perko enjoys 8-bit video games, the astonishing array of Bumpercrop K-Cup beverages, eclectic films, the music of Trevor Tanner, Serrano Lime Wolgamuth, and telling various parts of an odd story called Hidden From Humans, which is about a strange man, who lives at the edge of the woods and can un-do people. Von Magneto, Montalvo, Ghast & Perko is developing the story into a feature film, which was written and is being directed by Perko - who is also dastardly passionate about graphic design and can usually be found feverishly designing all sorts of stuff. If you are ever in Perko's proximity - trying to spy on him to get interesting ideas for the next novel you are writing - and hear a loud BANG! - and then curiously wonder where the initial source of the startling sound was acquired from, just check: Accura Outdoors just outside Perko's old stomping grounds.

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David Paul Wyatt Perko, Creative Director


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